Vipassana Meditation Courses In Prisons

Prison Course Requirements
The structure and organization of a 10 day Vipassana course in a prison facility is essentially the same as that at a meditation center. The timetable, meditation instructions, discourses and overall rules of conduct for the participitants are virtually identical. Like other courses in this tradition, there is no charge to either the participants or the facility for the course. The facility need only provide food and housing for the inmates, as they must do anyway, as well as the vipassana volunteers who conduct and manage the course. A vegetarian menu is preferred, however that preference has so far not been a significant problem in any of the courses. In addition, a meditation hall or classroom and housing for the inmates participants which is separate from all the other prisoners for the duration of the course is required. Further information on is available in the form of a prison course fact sheet and prison course guidelines

It is also required that one or more personnel from the correction facility staff must take a 10 day course at one of the established meditation centers before a course can be conducted at that facility. This is requirement is necessary so that someone who has significant responsibility at the institution and who is well known to the inmates who will participate in the course fully understands the course and the reasons for the course rules and regulations. 

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