Vipassana Meditation Courses In Prisons

Research on Effectiveness of Vipassana Courses in Prisons

Because the conducting of courses in Vipassana meditation in correction institutions was only begun relatively recently, there are few analytical studies to date on the effectiveness of such courses as a tool of rehabilitation. However, one such study has been in progress for some time on inmates who have attended the courses that have been going on regularly for several years at the North Rehabilitation Facility in Seattle, Washington. This study is being conducted under the auspices of the University of Washington and preliminary results are impressive and seem to show radical and statistically significant changes in the inmates which have attended Vipassana courses versus a control group which has not. A detailed report is due shortly but preliminary data indicates a significant decrease in recidivism for the Vipassana inmates.

The detailed report will be made available here as soon as it is completed.

As drug and alcohol addiction is a major problem with many inmates, there have been studies showing the effectiveness of Vipassana meditation courses in the treatment of such addictions.

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