Doing Time, Doing Vipassana – A film by Ayelet Menahemi and Eilona Ariel
This award-winning documentary takes viewers into India’s largest prison – known as one of the toughest in the world – and shows the dramatic changes brought about by the introduction of Vipassana meditation.
India, 1997, 52 minutes. Vipassana Research Institute. Karuna Films.
Doing Time, Doing Vipassana – A film by Ayelet Menahemi and Eilona Ariel

The Dhamma Brothers (Theatrical Trailer) – A Film by Jenny Phillips
The Dhamma Brothers documents the extraordinary convergence of an overcrowded, understaffed, maximum-security prison – considered the end of the line in the Alabama correctional system – and an ancient meditation program. The film tells a dramatic tale of human potential and personal transformation as it follows the stories of 36 prisoners, focusing on 4 central characters, as they enter into this arduous and intensive program. In the nameless, faceless, anonymity of prison life, where daily life is ordered around social control and punishment, The Dhamma Brothers construct an alternative social identity based on brotherhood and spiritual development.
USA, 2007, 2 minutes, 20 seconds. Balcony Releasing and Freedom Behind Bars Productions.
The Dhamma Brothers (Theatrical Trailer)

Freedom Behind Bars – A Film by Jenny Phillips, Ph.D.
The story of the Dhamma Brothers of Donaldson Correctional Facility continues to unfold today as the Vipassana program establishes deep roots and manifests a gradual change from within the prison walls.
USA, Freedom Behind Bars, LLC 2002, 11 minutes, 30 seconds.
Freedom Behind Bars

Vipassana – The Path of Liberation – A Film by Daniel Labanca (Portuguese with English Sub-Titles)
For the first time in Brasil a prison opens its doors and introduces the technique of Vipassana meditation into its facility. India and the United States have been conducting courses in such facilities for decades with positive results.

With the authorization of the Brasilian government this is now a reality in Brasil, the course was conducted at Ribeirão das Neves Jail (State of Minas Gerais) where this documentary was filmed. “Vipassana, o caminho da libertação” explains the technique and brings to the viewer of the documentary the challenges and the transformation that occurs in the words of the inmates and the volunteers who participated in the course. Ambiance of the prison can be felt through the scenes and with testimony given of the practice of vipassana meditation there the viewer can see the direct results on the inmates behaviour, perceptions and giving them a new technique to assist them with their daily lives as well on their recuperation.
Vipassana – The Path of Liberation

Vipassana in Mongolian Prisons Documentary Film 2018 – Presented by Arandan Film Studio (Mongolian with English Sub-Titles)
Vipassana in Mongolian Prisons Documentary Film 2018